Meet Companies


Chalmers Student Union is working to create ways for members to meet the business world.

Members can take part of exciting events organized by Chalmers Studentkår Promotion and by Chalmers Student Union career fair, CHARM. Through companies driven by students, Chalmers Teknologkonsulter (CTK) and Chalmers Rekrytering, there is an opportunity for students to get working experience as a consultant or by recruitment. Each student division has a corporate relation group to organize loval career fairs and events that are intended for its division.

CHARM Job Fair
Chalmers Student Union arranges Scandinavias biggest job fair each year. On februari 5 and 6 Chalmers is visited by more than 150 companies, all here to meet our members. During the fair there is a good chance to apply for summer internships, master thesis and employment.

Would you like to get involved in CHARM? Please visit for more information.

Cooperation with companies
Chalmers Student Union has a close cooperation with the industrial life through job fairs, lunch seminars and events.