Student societies


Student societies are organizationally independent from the Student Union and can be started by any student at any time.

Here you can find a student organization that interests you. Are you missing something? No problem - you get help to start up a student organization that suits your interest. Talk to the social unit's vice president vso@chalmersstudentkå


Chalmers Studentkårs Øhlhäfvarförening.



Chalmers Aerospace Club (CAC)

CAC is a popular science student union society in space technology and astronomy.

It is open mainly for students at Chalmers and Gothenburg University but also for non student members. CAC arranges, several times per study period, so called space evenings. Every space evening, there is an interesting seminar by a scientist in an area of space technology or astronomy. It is kept on a basic level so that anyone can understand. After the seminar we show a space documentary or a science fiction movie. Throughout our space evenings we also serve free popcorn, sell drinks, chocolate bars and our special space sandwiches to a very small price.

A couple of times per year CAC arrange visits to different research institutions and space companies, for instance Volvo Aero Corporation, Kiruna Esrange and Onsala Space Observatory.

Furthermore CAC arranges parties, space pubs and dinners.

Membership costs 40 SEK and includes free entrance to our space evenings and possibility to participate in our field trips, parties, etc. Easiest way to solve membership is to show up at one of our activities and pay (cash) there.

For more information, please contact

Chalmers Alternative Sports (CAS)

Chalmers Alternative Sports CAS is a student association at Chalmers for people who like to do alternative sports, such as climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing - just to mention a few. We organize trips abroad, and lots of activities and hang-arounds in the Gothenburg area. CAS welcomes everyone, both students at Chalmers and non-students. We adapt our activities for both beginners as well as those who has been on board for a long time, so everyone can join!

Chalmers Ballong Corps

Society for balloonists.

Chalmers Barockensemble

Chalmers Student symphonic orchestra playing classical music's "Greatest Hits" in their own versions.

Chalmers Blue McRangers

Who are we?

Chalmers Blue McRangers is the name of Chalmers Student Unions ice hockey association. We are Göteborg's oldest ice hockey club with a history dating back to the 1940’s. The club engages some twenty students and we play in division 4. The board consists of seven students who voluntarily take care of all the administration of the association.

What do we do?

We are primarily there to offer students at Chalmers University of technology opportunities for meaningful leisure activity. This year's objective is to carry out the season with good sporting results and to bring together students from all different programs at Chalmers.

As usual the season ends with the Nordic Student Championship, which this year is organized by LiU in Linköping. Five teams from three nations get together to compete for the title "Scandinavia's best student team".

Chalmers Börssällskap

Chalmers Börssällskap, namely the Chalmers Business Society is the biggest association within Chalmers Student Union. The society’s purpose is to spread knowledge upon economics and leadership issues, mainly through lectures given by people of the industry and the financial sector.

Being a member costs 50 SEK for a full academic year. This includes several events during the year, as well as free food and drinks during lunchlectures. The only requirement to become a member is that you are studying, or have studied, at Chalmers

Chalmers Dive Club

Chalmers Dive Club (CDK) is an association that dives throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to dive with CDK regardless of certificate-organization. If you do not have a certificate or want to further improve your skills, CDK uses the CMAS system for education in scuba diving. However, courses are only given in Swedish. Trips are organized every year to popular places, such as the Gullmarn fjord, island of Gotland and Norway. Every Thursday at 7 PM we meet for coffee at our clubhouse located in the basement of the Mechanical engineering building. Hope to see you there!

Chalmers Handball club
Chalmers Islamic Society

CIF (Chalmers Islamiska Förening) is a non-political student association at Chalmers. CIF is open to everyone who is interested in the Islamic religion.

The purposes of CIF are:
Strengthening Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood among members, arranging Friday prayer for the students at the campus, offering prayer places for daily prayers at the campus (check our website for details), arranging Islamic lectures and social activities like dinner, barbecue, outdoor gaming etc. for the members, and providing information about Islam (even to non-members based on their interest).

You are most welcome to contact us at or by dropping a message at our website. 

Chalmers Karate club

Exercise for body and soul; exercise for everyone! We gladly welcome all those that want to practice karate with us in the Student Union building on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Karate is a very versatile and fun form of exercise. No matter what previous experiences you have or lack, your sex, age or physical shape, we welcome both students and non-students.

A karate workout is similar to other group exercise forms such as spinning, body pump or step. We start off each semester with two weeks of “trial practice”, where all the good stuff that is karate is presented in an easy and fun way. However, we welcome beginners continuously during the whole year round. We practice karate without shoes, so in the beginning all you need is training pants, t-shirt and a water bottle.

Chalmers Kinagrupp
Chalmers Kinagrupp is the first organization serving the growing Chinese-non Chinese community in Chalmers. The initial intention is to add more diversity to campus through the promotion of Chinese culture to both Chinese and non-Chinese students. And it would like to be a family for those who are away from home and build a warm atmosphere for them. Public events will be held to celebrate Chinese traditional festivals with the whole students at Chamers, like the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival. And there are monthly activities for group members to enjoy leisure time like Chinese food party and the Night of Chinese Movies.
Welcome to join us and follow our facebook page named Chalmers Kinagrupp!
Chalmers Christian Group

Chalmers Christian Group is an association that is open to anyone who wants to be in a Christian community at school. We meet regularly to talk, pray and eat lunch together. Besides being a meeting place for Christians, we want to share our Christian faith, which we mainly do by participating in the Student Union’s pub crawls and parties.
Very welcome if you have questions or just want to hang out!

Chalmers Orienteering Runners

Are you interested in training and especially running? Then Chalmers OL is the organization for you. We offer fun and challenging workouts twice a week, whatever ambition you have. We also organize various social events during the year. Are you interested to start training with us or want to know more, please visit our website.

Chalmers Robotförening

Chalmers Robotförening is a student association where both novice and experienced people meet to build robots and exchange ideas. In our local there is a workshop with machines and tools, equipment for circuit board manufacturing and computers for programming.  We also have a CNC mill and a laser cutter for hardware manufacturing. The association organizes several activities during the year, e.g. lectures and robotics competitions. Every Wednesday there is a building evening during which most members gather and work on various projects. For those who have never built robots before, we offer a suitable kit that is easy to get started with. Visit our website for more information and come by the local during a building evening.


Chalmers Choir

Chalmers Choir is the oldest and largest Student Association. Since 1870 the choir has sung at many different occasions at Chalmers University of Technology, for example at Walpurgis celebrations and the Student Unions mösspåtagningar.


In the beginning there was a crowd of merry men who sang in Chalmers Choir, the Men's choir. As the years passed, it became more common with female students, and soon women desired to sing in the choir, and so in 1964 the mixed Chamber choir started.


The interest for the Choir grew further and eventually even the chamber choir became too big. Later the ladies also wanted to have their very own choir and in 1987 the Women's choir was created.


In addition to appearances at Chalmers, we organize annual Christmas concerts at Vasa Church and also attend during Lucia.


Each fall and spring, we admit new choristers, so do not hesitate to apply if you want to join the choir!

Chalmers Sailing Society

Are you a sailor or have you always dreamed of being one? You have come to the right place!
ChSS consists of a great group of Chalmers students who enjoy every aspect of the Gothenburg archipelago together.
All students are welcome regardless of previous experience and knowledge about sailing or boats, and all events are in English! 

Chalmers Student Union Pinball club

The society for who like to play pinball.

Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS)

CSS is a student organization with the purpose of engaging Chalmers students and PHd's in issues related to sustainability, thereby enhancing Chalmers’ impact on the field of sustainability through student contributions. 

The projects we engage in depend on the ideas of our members and we are always open for collaborations. Some of our most recent projects have been the biketour through Sweden - Cykelsamba and the national series of lectures - The Reflecting Engineer. Two summers in a row, CSS has handed out 100 free bikes on Teknologgården. 

A unique characteristic is the creative and multinational atmosphere among the CSS members. Members have biked to Kenya to build a biogas system for a school, traveled the world to explore how we can build in a more sustainable way, and finally, had a coffee with former general secretary Kofi Annan.

Chalmers ballet

Do you want to dance, entertain, make friends, go on tour and have lots of fun?

The Chalmers ballet is a group of students who entertain with show dance at parties and other events such as openings and graduation ceremonies. Occasionally we also do stage shows. At least twice every year we go to student band festivals around Sweden and northern Europe. Of course we also take part in Cortégen where we march to the sound of the Alliance orchestra.

Our activities are mainly in Swedish but do not let that scare you; there is always somebody who can translate.

If you think this sound like fun you should come to our trial practices on Mondays at 19.30 in the gymnasium in the Student union building at Johanneberg. We hold trial practises during study week 2-5 of the autumn term. There are no prerequisites and you can come in regular training gear. You do not have to come to all trial practises but the more you attend the more fun it is!

Chalmers Motor Club (CMK)

Chalmers Motor Club is a non-profit society with students, staff and alumni interested in vehicle- and engine-technology.
We are a club of members interested in vehicle engineering and use.

The club rents a garage in "Lyckholms bryggerier" - built to be part of a brewery - at Mölndalsvägen. Inside the garage, members can work on their car or bike for some days. In case of more thorough projects, we sub-rent 6 garage-slots and one "paint-box" by the month.

All members have access to, besides the working areas, some welding machines, compressed air, lathe, sandblast-box, tools, lift, waste-handling, engine crane, trailer, electricity and lights, toilet, coffee room etc.
The lift is rented by the day.
Members can also rent a parking lot outdoors with a discount.

Note: Nor car-wash or commercial operations are allowed in our garage, neither in rented spot or in the "drop-in" area. One part of membership is to contribute in taking care of the garage and club.

More information (in Swedish) can be found at

Chalmers Rock Club (CROC)

CROC is an association aiming at providing Chalmers students the opportunity to play music with a nice and well equiped rehearsal room.

E-Sektionens Teletekniska Avdelning (ETA)

Society for those who want to learn about electronics and amateur radio.

SBE Student Chapter Chalmers

SBE Student Chapter Chalmers is an organization belonging to a world wide network for biological engineers. SBE is an acronym for Society For Biological Engineering.

Student chapters exist all around the world today; in United States, Greece, India, Indonesia and Denmark. We are happy to present the first student chapter in Sweden here at Chalmers!

As a member, you will get opportunities to take part in local activities at Chalmers to expand your knowledge in the field. You will get updates from brand new research in biotechnology, meet post docs and professors and have fun. Read more about our events on our website.


Added to the local benefits, you will belong to a large international network where you can get new contacts, find interesting areas to work in and get inspired for the future. If you have an interest, little or more, in biology combined with chemistry, technology and engineering, it's time to join us as a member! Instructions for membership are published on our website,


With a warm welcome,

The board


REACT wants to connect Chalmers students to volunteering projects for social good - on a global and local level. 

In doing so, we are also a central node for collaboration between Chalmers students, academy and industry. 

Tekniskt Basårs Kårförening

Tekniskt Basårs Kårförening (TBK) is a society of nine chalmerists that organize a reception for the new students at Tekniskt Basår (introduction year). We also organize fun social events all year so that the students will have a good start here at Chalmers.




Chalmers Idrottssällskap - CIS

A sport association with the purpose of promoting the interest and exercise of sports during the time spent at Chalmers

CIS consists of several sport sections focusing on their sport of interest. Become a member of CIS and any of our sport sections to join training sessions, competitions and other fun happenings. If your sport is not represented by any of our sport sections it is easy for you and a group of enthusiasts to contact us and start up a new sport section within CIS.