"Like going on a small trip, every day"

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October 22, 2015, 14:29
She moved from Thessaloniki to Gothenburg for the love of math. Konstantina Elmpasidou (f14) tells us what she's learned from being involved in the most diverse student union committee of them all and how living in Sweden has changed her. 
Why Sweden and Chalmers? 
Sweden was my first choice. I heard very good things and found out that Chalmers was one of the best universities. So I thought, why not? And here I am. 

"Being a mathematician was a childhood dream" 

 Swedes are nice and kind and the job market treats you like an equal. You can call your professor by first name. But it can be harder to get close to people on the other hand.  
When I was a kid I loved math. It made sense. At least up until one point, when I came to university. It became much harder but I always thought I'd be a mathematician so that's what I became. 
What happens after graduation?
If I find something  very interesting I'm considering a PhD but I'm not sure yet. Ideally I would find a job, here in Sweden. I really like it here and feel that I can fit in. 
How can ants solve logistic problems? 
Everything works as a system really. So you learn how to analyze and implement those. For instance studying how ants carry things and solve problems with logistics.  
I like complex adaptive systems because it's connected to real life more directly.  

"Coming to Sweden and Chalmers changed me a lot" 

What could have been an alternative career path for you? 
At one point in my life I wanted to be a pilot. But the physical challenges was too much. Another option could be something within marketing and management.  
When you leave campus what do you prefer to do? 
Hanging out with friends and explore small corners of the city, second hand shops. I really like Haga. I try to visit as many musems as I can, you have many choices even if it's not a huge city.

"It was fun to dress up" 

Was there any specific event or turning point in your life leading you here? 
Probably when I decided to come here one year ago. I changed a lot since then and opened my mind. I realized there can be more than one option and I have a lot to choose from.  

"Like going on a small trip, every day." 

What did you not expext to learn from getting involved? 
How to interact with people since CIRC meets a lot of students from many countries and everyone has to be met in different ways. That was a very good lesson for me, how to act in an intercultural environment. 
A particularly memorable Chalmers experience? 
I built Cortège last year, with CIRC, and it was a lot of fun. I didn't build that much, I colored some bicycle and had a beer. It was fun to dress up and everything. I was walking and dancing the entire way. 
What dream event would you like to host? 
I would love to create an opportunity for international and Swedish students to meet. An event where they could interact, play games and get involved. Like a huge playground. If all the student divisions and commitess could cooperate it would be possible. 
Why is CIRC one of the most interesting committees at Chalmers? 
You get to know people from all over the world. It's like going on a small trip every day. Trying different dishes and cultures, dancing and singing. And if someone can't go on an exchange for some reason, being involved in CIRC is the second best option, in my opinion. 

Konstantina chooses

Kaffe | Te
Chips | Lösgodis (pick and mix candy)
Fokus | Järnvägsvagnen
Classic | Express
Linjär algebra | Envariabelanalys

About Konstantina

Born and raised: Thessaloniki
Year of birth: 1990
Sektion/år: f14, Master programme "Complex adaptive systems"
Foto: Mikael Oskarsson och Noelle Madsen
Animation: Mikael Oskarsson

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