FAQ - New at Chalmers

Remember to have your photo ID with you for registration and enrollment in the Student Union

How do I get to Chalmers?

To campus Johanneberg take bus 16, 55, 58, 158, 753 and trams 6, 7, 8 10 and 13. Bus 19 stops at Chalmers Tvärgata. Bus 16 and 55 takes you between both campuses. Campus Lindholmen has both a busstop and a ferry stop. Serach for “Lindholmen” on Västtrafik. Timetables and traffic information on Västtrafik.

Wondering where a room or hall is? Check out this map .

Can the student union help provide housing?

It is not possible for the Student union to help in these matters as all housing in Sweden normally goes either through the city or between individuals (personal ads). Housing in Gothenurg is VERY hard to find if you haven’t prepared your search ahead. Make sure to register at http://boplats.se as soon as you get admitted to Chalmers and constantly keep a look-out on housinganywhere.com or blocket.se (in Swedish only). The Student Union constantly works to affect the housing situation politically.

Where can I buy course litterature?

The Student Union’s own bookstore, of course. At Cremona.se and STORE and Kokboken on campus Lindhomen you can find relevant literature, stationary, snacks, candy and ice-cream but also presents and clothing (only in STORE)

Where can I eat?

Many student division offers the ability to heat your lunchbox. When you get tired of homemade, you can dine in the union lunch restaurants, bars and cafes around both campuses. With the student card you get a discount, and it is always easy to find good and affordable food! List of restaurants on campus.

How do I register for the exam?

You do this via the Student Portal, log on and click “sign up for the exam.” As the login information you use your CID and password given to you at registration.

My student divsion 

All Chalmers students belong to a student division and most of them have their own websites.

What does the student union really do?

We help to raise the quality of education, give students contact with the industry and offert a safe social life at Chalmers.The Union is run by students for students primarily through voluntary effort.

What do I get as member?

Through your membership, you will be a partner in the largest student union building in Sweden and get lots of discounts and benefits. Read more here about your benefits!

What can I contant the student union about?

Anything regarding your membership (information desk or member portal) or within the work the union does but also if you have problems to access student union related areas (contact Premises officer: ha@chs.chalmers.se)

How do I become a member of the student union?

By paying the membership fee you will receive a student card and then become a member. The card gives you discounts and benefits in all union restaurants and cafes. It is also necessary to prove your membership during pub crawls and other student union organized activities.