Mass vaccination on campus begins in June

On the 28th April, the Student Union signed an agreement to start mass vaccination at Chalmers campuses. Together with Kry we will contribute to vaccinating most of the population (Phase 4).

How it will work

(update 29th June 2021)
As of June 30th, all people from 18 years and older can now start booking. Learn more on how to do that here:

(update 10th June 2021)

  • Limited amount of doses to be released week 24. People born 1976 and earlier as well as risk groups from 18 years old can now book through
  • Please avoid using the conference entrance and the entire conference area as a whole. Enter through Teknologgården.

(update 3 June 2021)

  • Vaccination supply currently low and therefore postponed further until week 24.

Update 19th May

  • Booking for our two vaccination sites are planned to open 19th or 20th May, first bookable day is 26 May at both sites.
  • Currently ONLY people born 1971 or earlier can book, the current supply of vaccine is deemed low over the coming two weeks in the entire region. Therefore it's not possible to open up for people born 1972 or later until June.
  • The vaccine centre will be open Monday through Friday, opening hours are regulated in accordance to vaccin supply. If  the demand is higher, weekends may also open up for bookings.
  • ALL the lastest info on vaccination are found at as well as list of sites (including ours) and links for booking.
  • People without Swedish BankID or personal identity number will be able to vaccinate in Sweden. Currently we don't know how this will work, and they may have to choose an alternate vaccination site. More info to come when available.
  • Information about Covid-19 vaccination are found at Vårdguiden 1177 (in multiple languages).

For questions regarding the effect on the union building, please contact

What you can do

Our 45 pandemic safe tips

Here are 45 useful tips on how to stay active and social, in a responsible way.

Study at home

A true challenge! It is important to participate, but try to participate digitally when you can. We've put together a short guide on how to make it work and make life easier.

In general:

  • Avoid new connections and refrain from hanging out in groups
  • Buy your course literature online and pick up at STORE to avoid crowding queues
  • Top up your card online instead of at our shops.
  • Use the hand sanitizers generously and frequently, provided by us around the building
  • Keep distance to our working staff (Kårservice, STORE, cleaning, security and bar and restaurant staff). Following the rules means we can remain open for you.
  • Stay at home if you are having any symptoms.
  • Stay updated on the recommendations from the Public Health Agency
  • If you are unwell due to distance studying, follow this link to find someone to talk to.

Premises and services

Closed until further notice

  • Sauna and pool in the Student union building
  • Kårservice Lindholmen

Changed services

  • Part of the student union building will be temporarily cut off due to massvaccination phase four (from June 2021). Please respect these zones so that vaccination can take place safely and efficiently. Avoid using the conference entrance entirely (from Chalmersplatsen).
  • Most changes in the union building will be visible at site, please pay attention to signs and information.
  • Student union management team and staff will only accept booked meetings in order to stay healthy and keep working for you. Only those who have access to the office can enter. Some will work from home but all are still working for you as usual.

Unaffected services

For changes within our restaurants, shops and cafés:

Organizing and Participating

Updated 25th May 2021

The government has decided on updated restrictions, taking effect on the 1st of June.

All events should be risk assessed, contact the union management team if you have not received a template.

Private events i.e., events with a specified invitation-list, are still limited to a maximum of 8 people.

Public events i.e., events that are available for all students, are limited as follow:

  • All events must be risk assessed.
  • Events must follow the guidelines from the Public Health Agency.
  • Indoors, standing guests, are limited to 8 ppl.
  • Indoors, where guests are assigned a specific seat for the entire duration (for example cinema or “spex”), maximum 50 ppl. However, use maximum 50% of the room’s capacity.
  • Outdoors, limited to 100 ppl.
  • All events should have one (1) dedicated staff member per 20 participants who ensures distance and safety.
  • Just as before the pandemic, music or other noise should not start before 17.00 and end before 22.00.

Do not host any events unless you are certain that safety for all participants can be assured.