Cabins and saunas – in the middle of mother nature

At the shores of lake Sandsjön generations of Chalmers students have come to relax, reunite and recreate. The Student union aquired the area in 1937 and contructed its first cabin, the sports cabin, still present at this day.

Throughout the years the amount of Chalmers student have more than tripled. The capacity of the facilities has been strained. In 2012 the students in the union council initiated a change, a vision of a student union country house emerged. In 2016 the area was completed.

Supported by this vision we want to restore the public access for all chalmerists. All members in the student union should be welcome at any time of the year.

  • We want to increase capacity and give more students opportunity to experience nature and get a welcomed break from the studies and the city hustle and bustle.
  • We want to create a coherent area offering a wide range of premises and opportunities to various activities.
  • We want different visitors to be able to use the area simultaneosly as well as large groups exclusively.
  • We want to create something special for students at Chalmers.

In short - we wanted to create a student union building in the countryside. A place for meetings and socializing, parties and business, leisure and recreation. Just like on campus, but closer to nature.