CS-bastun - CS sauna

During Teknologföreningen C.S. 100 year anniversary 1964 the idea of a lakeside sauna was first hatched. It would be donated to the Student Union during the anniversary banquet. Minor delays occured but by the end of the year construction finally commenced.

This is where the story parts. Documentations say that the sauna was ready and handed over to the student union in 1966. Others claim that is was burnt to the ground in 1965 and rebuilt to stand in 1966. The true story will probably remain in a state of uncertainty.

It is however clear that the sauna burnt to the ground on 29th April 1970. The cause was electrical fault and the only thing remained intact was the wood in the fireplace. A completely burnt out beer can with intact content also survived the ordeal. Teknologföreningen C.S. offered to immediately make sure a new sauna was built and installed Easter 1971.

The next time the sauna was on fire was 5th November 1982. The cause of fire could not be determined at the time, but a hot suspect was again the electric system.  The insurance company suggested a simpler electrical sauna but it was discarded and instead a proper timbered house from Honka in Finland was ordered.  Again Teknologföreningen C.S. provided a voluntary work force and on the 5 november 1983 the sauna was reinstalled.

But the CS-sauna is more than its fiery history. Apart from being the largest student owned sauna in the world it also holds a dining hall and kitchen, all completely renewed during the Country cabin project.