Can working out improve my learning?


Short answer is: yes. Furthermore, there is evidence for cardio being more efficient than weights training. Preferably at a heart rate by 75% of your maximum going on for 20-45 minutes. If you workout in the morning, the effect will often last throughout the day. If you want to improve memory, training before or DURING learning is recommended.

Are early birds happier than night owls?


According to a new, large scale study there are certain links between sleep patterns and depression. The findings showed an association between early sleep patterns and lower risk for major depressive disorder. In short, the earlier the sleep midpoint occurred, the more decrease in risk of depression, with up to 23% per hour. The study is a 2-sample mendelian analysis, meaning making it possible to determine cause and effect, rather than relying on empirical data. Confused? Long story short: Life is more complicated and clinical studies are needed, but the study suggests patterns between early risers and a lower degree of depression.

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Get started. And keep it up! Our tips


3 ways to get started

  • Ask your friends what they do and have them sell it. Ask to join and try if possible.
  • Sample something from the broad variety offered from the union. It lowers the threshold due to being affordable and easily accessible.
  • Be realistic. You don’t need to love it right away. Just tell yourself to try and have a taste of many flavors. Sometimes the most unexpected could become you new passion or proving you have talent for it. But you’ll never know unless you try.

3 ways to keep it up

  • Relying on motivation is risky and not fool proof. Routine however increases changes of success. Imagine the routine of brushing your teeth every single day. You don’t sit around waiting for being motivated to do it. You just…do it. And after, the freshness is the reward. Longterm, the reward is even bigger. Just like exercise.
  • Longterm is key. Create all the right prerequisites to maintain your routine, regardless of weather, location and training partners. Sudden changes in your daily life or season should not be able to ruin your routine.
  • Workout with others. If discipline and routine is an issue, training with others can be very efficient as you simply cannot just let people down by not showing up due to lack of motivation.
  • Bonus tips: this one we used often in the beginning and during Corona. Tell others you have practice/workout later today. The next day, when asked how training went, you don’t want to stand there saying “Nah, I watched Netflix instead”. If you want to take it even further, also send each other sweaty “after” pictures so provide evidence. It will make you feel like a champion and soon you won’t need it.

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