Societies at student union divisions

FIF - Fysikteknologsektionens idrottsförening

Weekly workouts and activities for all physics-students.
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iDrott - Datateknologsektionens idrottsförening

Ball sports, running work-outs, dart nights, general sports discussions, skiing (occasionally).
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We provide sports activities for Æ students.
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Arkitekturs idrottskommitté.
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Vi håller träningar i blandade sporter för Kfkb-sektionen.
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We are the sport society at the V-section and we offer running exercise every Monday and floorball every Wednesday and all students are welcome to join us. We also arrange events every studyperiod for students to try new and different sports and to have a great time together.
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IF - Industriell ekonomi

Vi erbjuder roliga aktiviteter två gånger i veckan för medlemmarna på I-sektionen. Det är alltså löpträning och olika sporter i Kårhallen. Utöver det har vi ibland andra tävlingar. Under våren har vi både CM i fotboll och en skidresa till alperna, till hösten har vi en fet brännbollsturnering.
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Provide sport activities for IT students.
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Weekly workout sessions for all chemistry-students, once a year a ski trip is arranged
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We are the sport society of the mechanical engineering department! Welcome to our sport-session (Miss-pass) every Sunday from 17-19 in the Student Union Building!
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Weekly sports activities for the TD-students. We also arrange the CM in beachvolley together with ZIK.
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Droopy Sport Club
We offer weekly trainings to all members in the student division H.
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Chalmers Idrottssällskap (CIS) societies

Chalmers Ultimate Frisbee

We are a team that is practicing Ultimate Frisbee every Tuesday 19-21 in Brunnsboskolan. Ultimate frisbee is a sports that is quite similar to handboll or football but played with a frisbee. Come and try it!
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Chalmers Innebandyklubb

Floorball Trainings
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Chalmers Padelklubb

Trainings, Chalmers Padel League and other padel events
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Chalmers Rodd Klubb/ Chalmers Rowing Club

We offer rowing training on Tuesdays and Fridays during the whole year. We aim to have fun together on the water and those who want can participate with us at the Swedisch student championships.
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Chalmers Badmintonklubb

Vi erbjuder studenter på Chalmers möjligheten att spela badminton tillsammans vd sidan av studierna.
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CIS - Simsektionen Uttrarna

Swim trainings at all levels once a week and competitions and camps together with other swim clubs at Swedish university's. Swedish students championship is the main goal and competition of the year.
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Student Union Sports societies (Kårföreningar)

Chalmers Hockey (Blue McRangers)

We are Chalmers very own ice hockey team, playing in the honourable University Hockey League (UHL). Interested in ice hockey? Join us, or support us at our games.
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Chalmers Divers club

Chalmers Divers club is the scuba society of Chalmers. We offer courses in scuba diving, arrange dive trips and fill our members scuba tanks. We meet and socialize every Thursday evening at dykfika, in which we chat about all aspects of diving. You are welcome too!
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We are a showdance group consisting of ca 20 students that performs on parties, business dinners and other events, often with our friends in The Alliance Orchestra. We practice once a week in Chalmers' sports hall and do other fun things together such as go on tours, dance in the Cortége and party. If you wanna try us out, we have try-out sessions in the beginning of next semester (Aug-Sep).
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Chalmers Ballong Corps

Chalmers Ballong Corps is the Student Union’s own hot air ballooning society. We arrange flights in and around Gothenburg, and sometimes internationally. All chalmerists are welcome to join, whether they have experience flying or not. The really eager also has the opportunity to become a balloon pilot.
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COL - Chalmers Orienterings Löpare

We offer trainings in orienteering on mondays and wednesdays, during all year.
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Chalmers Karateklubb

We train Shito-ryu Karate two times a week.
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