All students at Chalmers are members of the student union. It is run by its members to ensure student's best interest.

We work hard every day for you. We make sure the university listens to us, we are part of all decision making boards and groups on the highest levels, we make sure you have fun things to do in your spare time. And the day you graduate you should be the most employable person you can possibly be.

Who are we?
We consist of you and thousands of engineering, architect and marine students at Chalmers. Add a healthy mix of fun and wholesome ingredients called committees, societies, management team, council, companies, representatives and employed staff and we are complete.

A century of committment
Once upon a time there was no student democracy at Chalmers. Teachers ruled and any injustice that came upon the students was basically left to its destiny.  Thankfully that is not the case today. For over a century the students at Chalmers enjoy democracy, influence and cooperation in order to thrive during their studies.

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