This is the highest level of decision within the union. 35 members, all of them active students at Chalmers, are annually elected through open elections and the meetings are led by a speaker of the council (talman).

The 35 members decide about the anunal budget for the union, strategic matters, constitution, policies and who eventually will lead the daily operations (kårledningen).

It can be hard to grasp what a difference these meeting contribute to sometimes. All students are welcome to the meetings and have the right to attend. After each meeting a short brief is presented, either in writing or other media.

Previous briefs are found on our YouTube channel. Minutes and current summon are located in Documents. If there are any specific questions regarding the Student Union Council e-mail the speaker of the council.

Brief, meeting #8 – 13 May 2020

FuM8 is the last meeting for this year’s student union council, the election results were established and the new council has thus been formally elected. They will continue the work of the Student Union council and take us ever forward. Avancez!

We, the Speakers presidium would like to thank the Student Union council and the management team for the time we have had together, and wish our successors all the best.

Six propositions and seven motions were brought up, firstly an update of the working procedures for the different boards of the student union council. The second proposition regarded the preliminary operational plan for the student union. Proposition number three was for the preliminary budget for the student union. Proposition four proposed a crisis package for the committés strongly affected by the ongoing covid-19 crisis. The fifth proposition was a revision of the IT-strategy of the management team. The last and sixth proposition regarded an update of the IT-strategy of the student union.

The three first motions were by committés of the student union (Pyrot, LoB and Svea Skivgarde) and all regarded either the opening of a new fund or modification of an existing fund to better handle the economic situation. The fourth motion was for the betterment of the facilities of the student union regarding accessibility and comfort for people with functional variations. Motion number five was for the change of the current election system to single transferable vote. The sixth motion was for the creation of a task force to investigate the possibilities with a beach volleyball-court on campus. The last motion, number seven, was for a way for committés and associations to get economical aid in the face of the covid-19 situation.

If you wonder what all of this means for you, feel free to have a look at the protocol available at, under “About us -> Documents”.