This is the highest level of decision within the union. 35 members, all of them active students at Chalmers, are annually elected through open elections and the meetings are led by a speaker of the council (talman).

The 35 members decide about the anunal budget for the union, strategic matters, constitution, policies and who eventually will lead the daily operations (kårledningen).

It can be hard to grasp what a difference these meeting contribute to sometimes. All students are welcome to the meetings and have the right to attend. After each meeting a short brief is presented, either in writing or other media.

Previous briefs are found on our YouTube channel. Minutes and current summon are located in Documents. If there are any specific questions regarding the Student Union Council e-mail the speaker of the council.

Brief, meeting #3 – 27 November 2019

Regardless of the autumn darkness and rain your trusty council has made its way to Johanneberg to once again talk about the future of the Union and how best to continue on the path we have chosen.

During this meeting Maria Knutson-Wedel and Torbjörn Lundh were elected as honorary members of the Student Union for their services as inspector and proinspector in the Student Union.

One interpellation was discussed regarding the arranging of a language café to provide an option for exchange students and regular swedish students to meet and talk and exchange knowledge in general.

There was one motion during this meeting, and it was for the creation of a task force to investigate the wearing of the Chalmerist’s cap. The cap worn by the Chalmers students to this day has a great history and originates from Chalmers. The caps seen at different universities throughout Sweden are all derivatives of this original cap. Now this task force begins its work with mapping the use of the Chalmerist’s cap. They will report back on FuM’s eight meeting, next year.

Last but not least the speaker´s presidium wishes to encourage you to apply for the election committé. Please contact us at

See you at FuM4!