This is the highest level of decision within the union. 35 members, all of them active students at Chalmers, are annually elected through open elections and the meetings are led by a speaker of the council (talman).

The 35 members decide about the anunal budget for the union, strategic matters, constitution, policies and who eventually will lead the daily operations (kårledningen).

It can be hard to grasp what a difference these meeting contribute to sometimes. All students are welcome to the meetings and have the right to attend. After each meeting a short brief is presented, either in writing or other media.

Previous briefs are found on our YouTube channel. Minutes and current summon are located in Documents. If there are any specific questions regarding the Student Union Council e-mail the speaker of the council.

Brief, meeting #2 – 16 October 2019

The second meeting of the year was swift and all the council members could leave in time for an early bedtime.
A number of motions were discussed during the meeting. The first one was regarding a concern as to how democratic and fair the election to the student union council is. To determine whether or not a change to a better system can or should be made, a task force was assigned to research the possibilities of improvement.

The second motion suggested that the amount of money allocated for the student funding, where students can request money for a student union project, should increase. This enables students to develop new ideas and try new concepts. The motion was passed, and the allocated money was increased.

The last motion assigned another task-force, this time to further develop the Student Union's opinions on environmental sustainability.

There was only one preposition, which was a second reading of a preposition covering an update of the by-laws. The first reading was during FuM8 2019, and after this second reading the changes could be accepted and the by-laws are now updated.

See you at FuM 3!