This is the highest level of decision within the union. 35 members, all of them active students at Chalmers, are annually elected through open elections and the meetings are led by a speaker of the council (talman).

The 35 members decide about the anunal budget for the union, strategic matters, constitution, policies and who eventually will lead the daily operations (kårledningen).

It can be hard to grasp what a difference these meeting contribute to sometimes. All students are welcome to the meetings and have the right to attend. After each meeting a short brief is presented, either in writing or other media.

Previous briefs are found on our YouTube channel. Minutes and current summon are located in Documents. If there are any specific questions regarding the Student Union Council e-mail the speaker of the council.

Brief, meeting #1 – 16 September 2020

During the first council meeting this year we worked on a few subjects, they are listed below by category!

Messages (short information)
* The management team informed us that they are working with the economy troubles at Chalmers to ensure no students are harmed by them
* The management team informed us about the work with a digital CHARM fair 2021
* The election committee (they administer the elections for the student council) that it is time to find new members, and they urge anyone interested to apply

Propositions (from the union board)
* Programkommittén PU gets a new fund for their excess earnings each year, to be used in the future
* The action plan for the year has been set (this is what the management team work with apart from their regular tasks)
* The unions budget has been approved
* The membership fees for the spring of 2021 stay the same as the current level
* 17.5% of the term fees go to the building fund, most recently used to renovate Härryda (the sauna)
* The future structure of the management team is to be evaluated by a task force
* The opinion program is not to be changed to facilitate savings at the university. It is to stay the same, regardless of short time savings

Motions (from members and representatives in the council)
* The speakers desk is to put forth a summary of each council meeting that is easy for members to read and understand (you are reading it now! Cool, huh?)
* CFFC gets to use more of their earnings in their operations. Usually they have to put a certain amount into a fund to facilitate future purchases, but since the fund is now quite large they can use the money elsewhere
* A motion about livestreaming council meetings on social media was put down, in favor of a task force examining the difficulties of the task
* A task force was assembled to examine the possibilities for a full size gym hall
* The opinion program is to be appended with the opinion that the universities course database is to be clearer for students to access information from

Reports (formal information)
* Report from Daniel Langkilde (student representative to the board of the Chalmers Foundation) about the workings of the board
* Report from the management team bout what they have been up to the first part of the year

* Carl Von Rosen Johansson was elected to replace Daniel Langkilde as the student representative to the board of the Chalmers Foundation (the foundation owns the company that is Chalmers, think of them like stockholders)

If you wonder what all of this means for you, feel free to have a look at the protocol available at, under “About us -> Documents”.