This is the highest level of decision within the union. 35 members, all of them active students at Chalmers, are annually elected through open elections and the meetings are led by a speaker of the council (talman).

The 35 members decide about the annual budget for the union, strategic matters, constitution, policies and who eventually will lead the daily operations (kårledningen).

It can be hard to grasp what a difference these meeting contribute to sometimes. All students are welcome to the meetings and have the right to attend. After each meeting a short brief is presented, either in writing or other media.

Previous briefs are found on our YouTube channel. Minutes and current summon are located in Documents. If there are any specific questions regarding the Student Union Council e-mail the speaker of the council.

Brief, meeting #3 – 17 November 2020

During the third council meeting this year we worked on a few subjects, they are listed below by category!

Messages (short information)
* The management team informed us that no physical events will be carried out by the student union until further notice, this is because of the guidelines set by FHM.
* About half of the management team will be working from home from now on, send them an email to reach them.

Propositions (from the union board)
* The union society TBK (they take care of new students at Tekniskt Basår)is converted into a committee.
* An error in the policy for paying students for their work in the union was fixed.
* Some additions regarding pyrotechnics were appended to the policy for parties and alcohol.

Motions (from members and representatives in the council)
* The workflow for the election committee was set.
* Some odl decisions of the council were removed from the decision log, as the council sees these as completed or no longer relevant.

Reports (formal information)
* Report from the management team bout what they have been up to since the first council meeting.
* Report from the task force looking into a beach volley court close to campus. The council decided to give the task group more time to come up with a recommendation.

* 4 students were elected into the election committee, 3 more are needed before the end of the 4th council meeting (2020-12-17). The election committee organises and maintains the democratic basis of the election for council.

If you wonder what all of this means for you, feel free to have a look at the protocol available at, under “About us -> Documents”.