In September 2022, we launched the first student union app. Initially there are bugs and fixes are to be expected.

Main functionality

The app is only available with your Chalmers ID. You also need to have a Swedish personnummer and have a student union card. Your membership must have been paid in able to see card balance.

Known issues 26/9

  • Log-in issues. Please check the info on the login page first.
  • Can’t see/load balance: most likely you don’t have a Swedish personnummer registered in our systems. Please contact to resolve this.
  • Can’t top up: you must be connected to your Swish app to top up. If you don’t have Swish, you can only top up at our units (STORE, restaurants, cafés etc.)


  • Can’t refresh event page: currently not available, restart app to refresh.
  • My event is not published: all events are currently manually approved workdays between 9-16. App retrieves data every 5 minutes. If your event is still  missing, make sure you filled out the form correctly, your form data has been sent to your email after submission. Most commom reason for unapproved event is incorrect language. Event must be written in English to be approved, which is stated in the form.
  • Link to event will be moved to a more suitable location shortly.

Please report errors and feedback in the app first hand which will reach the developers directly, second hand