We take care of you

And why do we do this? Students at Chalmers is a large group of individuals with both diverse and mutual interests. We are sometimes in a vulnerable position, regarding our education and/or our financial situation.

Who will make sure that years spent and invested at Chalmers will maintain its value and worth? The students are not run over by administration, unfair rules or new laws? That we have sufficient housing and services that are synchronized with students needs and terms? That you are considered highly employable after years of hard work? And that, besides our studies, there is room for recreation and fun?

What we do and what your membership includes

  • we monitor the education system at Chalmers
  • we work to make sure new housing is built
  • we have cabins, pool and gym hall for relaxation
  • we arrange Swedens’s largest career fair
  • we offer hundreds of opportunities to get involve (beneficial for personal growth and your resume)

Some assignments require Swedish proficiency.