Learn new skills, have fun and find friends

The best, fastest, and most fun way to make new friends is to get involved in the Student Union's wide range of activities, assignments and projects. It is all the volunteering students who actually makes it go around. It will also give you new skills and tools for your future work life, not to mention social life.

The level of involvement in Chalmers student union is unique. Our annual surveys shows that in general at least 50% of the members have at least once gotten involved in student union activities. It is those students who provide support, parties, events, assignments and security. Getting involved can mean anything from selling tickets to an event to a full sabatical year being in charge of the union.

chalmers engagera dig i kåren, kommittéaktiv, kårförening, kårkommitté, kårstyrelse, personlig utvevkling

Ideas on getting involved