Student project (Teknologäskning)

The purpose of the student project funding (Teknologäskning) is to enable projects and events that haven’t been explored and that lack other financing options. The funding makes it possible for any student with an idea that favours the student life at Chalmers to be carried out. Another purpose is to create more benefits for the student union members.

Funding size
The total amount available is currently 300 000 kr per year

Application Deadlines
Deadline for application is 2 weeks prior each Student Union Board meeting. Dates will be announced here and through other channels regularly used within the union.

Upcoming deadlines:

12/3-2024 - Application
26/3-2024 - Board meeting 8

15/4-2024 - Application
29/4-2024 - Board meeting 9

14/5-2024 - Application
28/5-2024 - Board meeting 10

11/6-2024 - Application
25/6-2024 - Board meeting 11

Apply through either of these forms:
In Swedish
In English

Send application to the student union board email.

Applicable documents 
Guidelines - application for student funding
Riktlinjer för ansökning av teknologäskningar
The application outcome will be communicated around two weeks after the meeting at the latest.

Conditions of reimbursement
Funds will be disbursed subsequent to the approval and event taking place. Only the difference of costs will be funded. There is no possibility to earn money with funds from student projects. Backdated support will not be disbursed. Prior to disbursement a written report with evaluation of the project must be submitted to the vice president along with bank account information. See template for evaluation. For funds to be reimbursed statements must be handed in no later than 30 days following the event. If some economic statements are missing please contact the vice president within these 30 days to receive additional time.

Student union project (Projektengagemang)

The purpose of this project is to encourage members to broaden Chalmers Student Union’s range of activities by pushing through their ideas themselves. It also allows for shorter periods of commitment and therefore provides more options for students who only study for a year or six months at Chalmers to get involved in the union.

The project should align with the union’s general activities. The forms and results of the project is free for the creators to decide for themselves, but it must be approved by the union board. It shall contribute to development of Chalmers Student Union's activities.

A project group under the Chalmers Student Union has the right to use the Chalmers Student Union's name and has access to the union's resources such as meeting rooms, storage facilities, means of transport, etc. A project group can apply for financial support to run their project.

Details and how to apply are found below

Questions in general or how to apply for the start of a project at Chalmers Student Union? Contact