What you need your card for

Your student union card is yours to keep during the entire time at Chalmers. Please read our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Your union card is your proof of membership in the student union. It is also…

  • eligable for lots of discounts, drawn automatically when applicable
  • mandatory during exam
  • necessary for accessing most building and locations on campuses

Your card has two versions. A physical and a digital form.

Digital (Mecenat app)

  • Contains expiry date
  • Proof of membership for exams and public transport
  • Use for external discounts outside the union
  • Renewed after successful membership payment

Physical card

  • No expiry date – keep throught your time at Chalmers
  • Use as a key to access rooms and buildings
  • Use as a local debit card in store and restaurants on campus
  • Top up your card here or at any cash register around campus (min. 400 SEK)
  • Access and discounts renewed after succesful membership payment

Card issues
Payment of membership fee, lost card or access questions? Contact desk@chalmersstudentkar.se. If the information desk is closed and you need it for an exam, log on to the membership portal and print your receipt of payment and present at exam. This with your ID is valid during examination.

General payment functions? Read more at the restaurant website.

Topping up and tracking your purchases

Top up your card to never miss a discount. You will normally receive 10-15% off on most items (except course literature), in all our units. Since there is not discount when paying with a regular debit card, we recommend topping up your card beforehand and use as a local credit card that you, and only you as a Chalmers student, are eligible for.

As of april 2022, we have a new system for refill and transactions. Visit this link to register your card so you can top up, see your transaction history and digital receipts.

How to get started

  • Click on the link "Har du glömt, eller saknar ett lösenord?"
  • Enter your student mail, ending with @student.chalmers.se
  • Click "Återställ" and wait for your password in your mail
  • Now login with your student mail and the password you received

The system only accepts online payment through Swish. If you do not have Swish, you can easily top up at any of our 40 locations around campus.

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