Carl Toller, President

Contact: 031-772 39 02
From: Partille
Division: M
Interests: Running and sourdough
Want: To be the students’ voice for a sustainable future

Josefin Lövdahl, Vice President

Contact: 031-772 39 01
From: Kungshamn
Division: K
Interests: Working out, being outdoors and cooking
Want: For all students to feel connected through a rich student life.

Jonas Hultén, Premises officer

Contact: 031-772 39 15
From: Umeå
Division: D
Interests: Singing, programming and security systems
Want: To run sustainable facilities
where students feel at home.

Amanda Lindenmeyer, Careers officer

Contact: 031-772 39 03
From: Göteborg 
Section: KfKb
Interest: Music and traveling
Want: For your future career to be a natural part of student life

Olof Svanberg, dep. Careers officer

Contact: 031-772 39 04
From: Kalmar 
Division: TD
Interests: Scuba diving and disc golf
Want: To create a world class careers fair

Oscar Holke, Educational officer

Contact: 031-772 39 12
From: Göteborg 
Division: M
Interests: Fika
Want: For everyone at Chalmers to gain a world class education

Johanna Laussen, dep. Educational officer

Contact: 031-772 39 17
From: Lerum 
Division: H
Intrerests: Tennis and culture
Want: For all students to be able to affect their education

Lisa Winberg, Student welfare officer

Contact: 031-772 39 18
From: Stenungsund 
Division: K
Interests: Music and working out
Want: For everyone to feel safe on campuses

Sofia Törnkvist, dep. Student Welfare officer

Contact: 031-772 39 68
From: Stockholm 
Division: H
Interests: Food, sparkling wine and ice-cream
Want: To enhance campus life, on central and locals levels.