• Svea Skivgarde

      Svea Skivgarde deejays at parties both at Chalmers and o campus. Currently we are 13 DJs where everyone has a di erent taste in music which make us have a wide range of music knowledge. If you feel this is something for you check out our webpage, no previous experience is needed!


  • The CHARM Committee

    CHARM, is one of Scandinavia’s leading career fairs that is arranged every February on Chal- mers campus. There are over 170 companies from different areas of business coming to CHARM to meet our students and show the students what they have to o er during and after their studies.


  • GasqueKommittén (GasqueK)

    GasqueK is the committee that runs the Student Union nightclub at Chalmers. We make sure everything is in order for our ar- rangers when it’s their time to host a party. You can also find us behind the bar first Thursday of every study period for Chalmers Pubcrawl. Come have a cold one and say hello!


  • Chalmers International Reception Committees (CIRC)

    We break first ice by organizing events for international students, integrating various nationalities, making students feel like home and showing that university is also about having FUN with AMAZING people! Want to become part of something special? JOIN US or BECOME PHADDER! Interested? Contact us!  



  • Chalmers Studentkårs Marskalksämbete

    Marskalksämbetet or the Ceremony Commit- tee, represents Chalmers Student Union at ceremonial occasions. Our main events are the annual fall- and spring balls as well as the traditional changing of the Chalmers cap twice a year. We also preserve and manage the Union’s and Student Division’s standards.


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  • Chalmers Bastukommitté / Chalmers Sauna Committé (CBK)

    Most parts of the world call it sauna. In Sweden we call it bastu. No matter what word you use, Chalmers Sauna Committee (CBK) is dedicated to enjoying the better things in life: nature, craftsmanship, and spending time - quiet or high spirited - in the heated rooms from which we take our name.


  • Jämlikhetskommittén (JämK)

    The Student Union Committee for Equality, JämK, is a committee whose task is to further and work with questions regarding equality on campus. We organize different events during the year, and want to create a meeting point for discussions and knowledge of inclusion and diversity.



  • Programkommittén PU

    Our task is to provide a wide spectrum of cultural activities and events for the Student Union members and chalmerists. We host various events like concerts, movies, evening classes, tastings and much more. Keep an eye on our website for dates and schedules.



  • Mottagningskommittén (MK)

    We in MK work with the long-term develop- ment of the reception. MK works as a central coordinator of the reception at Chalmers by bringing together the Student Divisions, the Student Union and the university. In addi- tion to that we also arrange the rst day at Chalmers and “Mottagningskampen”.




    G.U.D. is the student unions IT-department. We are the ones who makes the central IT-infrastructure work. For exampel firewalls, switches and servers and in some cases also the committees computer. For example we keep the student unions web server running which hosts the student union website. 


  • Festkommittén FestU (FestU)

    Festkommittén FestU organizes some of the biggest recurring indoor parties in Scandinavia where both people who study at Chalmers and those who don’t are welcome. The parties contain live acts, numerous bars and dance floors as well as jumping castles and other awesome activities.


  • The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)

    IAESTE is sending Chalmers students all over the world on paid internships whilst taking care of foreign trainees in Göteborg. We arrange events for our trainees and help you on your way abroad. International internships gets posted on our webpage as well as on facebook, so keep your eyes open!



  • Chalmers Kårtidning Tofsen

    Do you want entertainment, useful hints and/or exciting debate articles? Look no further! We are Tofsen - the Student Union magazine produced by students, for students! We founded in 1944 and have since then entertained Chalmerists at the beginning of each study period. Grab a copy of Tofsen, now!


  • Chalmersspexet Bob

    Each year, Chalmersspexet Bob puts on a musical theatre about a famous historical gure, where we tell history the way it really happened. Don’t miss this show packed with humor, dance and music! We play most of our shows in RunAn. One of our shows this fall is with English subtitles.


  • Ljud- och Bildgruppen (LoB)

    LoB is supplying rental of sound and event lightning to a reasonable price. We also act as technicians at various concerts and are responsible for all sound and lightning at Festu parties and other events on campus. We have everything you need to arrange small partys to big concerts!


  • Kårhuskommittén KåK

    Kårhuskommittén, KåK, works with trying to improving the Student Union building and the railway car. We want to achieve a nice and orderly building with a touch of cosiness. We are also responsible for making sure that the other people using the building and the railway car does it in a good way.



  •  Societies

    The Student Union societies are run by students but open for everyone. At least half of the mem- bers must be members of the Union. If you miss a society why not start your own?

  • Chalmers Kristna Grupp (CKG)

    CKG is a society open to everyone looking for a Christian fellowship on campus. We meet once a week on both campuses for lunch prayer, and we are usually at the FestU parties and pubcrawls to give out co ee, have a chat and tell about Jesus. We also arrange quite popular lunch lectures every year.


  • Chalmers Barockensemble

    Does your instrument miss you? Are you interested in playing music, seeing porcelain being destroyed, hearing music played in unexpected ways and much more? Then you should come and rehearse with Chalmers Baroque Ensemble! The rehearsals are held on Wednesdays, please contact us for more info.



  • Chalmers Handbollsklubb (CHK)

    Chalmers HK is the handball society of the Student Union. We have both a women’s and a men’s team, which play games in the forth and fifth division in Gothenburg respectively. We always welcome new players to come and practice with us, but it is preferred if you have some earlier experience.


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  • World Values Initiative (WVI)

    Inspirational speakers and experience-based workshops are the core of the events arranged by the non-pro t organization World Values Initiative (WVI). Our aim is to make students and organizations aware of the importance of values and how they a ect us, both in our personal and professional life.


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  • Chalmers Studentkårs Idrottssällskap (CIS)

    CIS is a society built by di erent sport sec- tions available for all students. We o er golf, swimming, cycling, soccer, oorball, rowing and badminton. You choose which sport you want to pursue. Read more about us on our website and register as a member today! We are ”Students United by Sports”!


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  • BEST

    In BEST, we travel, organise events and train our soft skills in a multicultural environment spread across Europe. We are connected by the common goal to develop students through Academic Courses, Engineering Competitions and exclusive events for BESTies, such as Trainings and other fun activities.



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  • Society for Biological Engineering Student Chapter Chalmers

    Society for Biological Engineering is an international network for engineers and students interested in chemical and biological engineering. We get inspired by the latest research and create personal relations to postdocs and professors. Become a member for free and let’s explore!


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  • Chalmers Dykarklubb (CDK)

    Do you have a scuba certi cate or do you want to get one? Then, Chalmers Scuba Diving club (CDK) is the association for you! We dive year round, both locally around Gothenburg but also further away such as Norway or Gotland. We have DykFika (Dive-sack) every Thursday at 1900 in the M-basement.


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  • Chalmers Students for Sustainability

    Did you know Chalmers was the first university in Sweden to divest from fossil fuels? Well this are the kind of things we do at Chalmers Students for Sustainability, we help Chalmers become a global example of sustainability through exciting projects.


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  • Chalmers Skytteförening

    We bring the wonderful world of shooting sports to the campus! At our shooting range in the basement of Maskinhuset we practice our shooting skills every week with both air rifle and pistol. On Tuesday evenings we’re open for anyone to come and try it out, no previous experience is necessary.


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  • Chalmers Börssällskap

    Chalmers Börssällskap (CBS) is the economic association on Chalmers. CBS is the largest association of Chalmers with its 1000 members. The association’s purpose is to spread knowledge and promote interest in economics and entrepreneurship. The most common activity is lunch lectures by well-known people from business, economic and politics.


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  • Chalmers Islamiska Föreningen (CIF)

    CIF is a non-political student association at Chalmers. Our mission is to strengthen Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood among the Muslims. We arrange activities including weekly Jumu ́ah prayer at Chalmers (Johanneberg campus), lectures, and social activities for our members.


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  • Motus

    Motus is a society which major focus is production of music and video. The society acts like a venue for students who want to bring out their talents of music, video or pure production. We discover, we produce, we distribute.


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  • Chalmers Hockey

    We are an icehockey team which combining training and studies. We are playing in division three but we also participates in a tournament called UHL, University Hockey League.


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  • E-Sektionens teletekniska avdelning (ETA)

    Ever heard of the term Makerspace? A makerspace is just what it sounds like, a space to make things, and ETA is one of the major makerspaces here at Chalmers with a focus on Electronics and ham radio. Hence if you’re itching to learn, build or just play around with something, just come on up.


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  • RANG - Chalmers Indian Association

    RANG started with a group of students who wanted to reach out to prospective Indian students with information about Chalmers and Gothenburg. Over the years, it has also evolved into a platform that showcases Indian culture through student-centric events that is open to all.


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  • Chalmers Ballong Corps (CBC)

    Chalmers Ballong Corps is the Student Union’s own hot air balloning society. We arrange flights in and around Gothenburg, and somtimes internationally. All chalmerists are welcome to join, wether they have experience flying or not. The really eager also has the opportunity to become a balloon pilot.


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  • Chalmers Sångkör

    Chalmers choir is the oldest student association with 100 members divided in three choirs: The chamber-, male-, and female choir. We participate in events by the Student Union and give own concerts such as the annual Christmas concerts at Vasa Church and also attend during Lucia.


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  • Tekniskt Basårs Kårförening (TBK)

    Tekniskt Basårs Kårförening (TBK) helps the students at Tekniskt Basår to a good start at Chalmers by introducing them to life at Chalmers and to meet new people. TBK arranges reception and then supports the students for the rest of their year. TBK consists of a board of nine members and phaddrar.

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  • Chalmers Segelsällskap (ChSS)

    Are you a sailor or have always dreamed of being one? ChSS is a club of salt stained students who enjoys every aspect of the Gothenburg archipelago together. We have two boats with which we go sailing regularly. We are open to both experienced sailors and beginners, racers and cruisers.


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