As early as 1931 the student union council addressed a motion about a sports cabin. However it was postponed due to financial issues, up until 1936 when a committee was assigned to push the issue through. Various lots and design drafts were explored and discussed in the council.

Eventually the 5 020 sqm land and 9 000 sqm lake was purchased for 1 550 kr by lake Sandsjön in Härryda. The construction was made possible by volunteering chalmerists and the first sports cabin opened 14th November 1937.

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In the mid ’60s  the number of students grew significantly and the sports cabin had become worn. A contest was arranged by the architechtural students to design a new cabin and the winning entry had the motto ”Cube in nature”.

The old sports cabin was demolished and the new was ready in1967, including among many things an ultra modern incinerator toilet.  Unfortunately it ceased to function within the year and the outhouse was again a reality. It was only in the year 2000 that the area became complete with a sleeping cabin (SovU) and sanitary cabin (KissU) with showers and toilets. The latter was moved during the renovations in 2016 and thereafter used as woodshed and storage. SovU was also relocated but its original function remains.

The sports cabin was also renovated within the frame of the student union cabins project, providing a pleasant accommodation for up to 30 people. The associated sports sauna was the first facility to be renovated in the entire project.

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