You have the right to a financial, environmental, medical and psychosocial safety. If you experience any problems within these areas you can always turn to:

  • your programmes study ombudsman
  • office of student welfare
  • student welfare network

Student welfare such as CSN, health care and insurances

Student welfare president:
031-772 39 18

Student welfare deputy president
031-772 39 68
Careers consultant

Healthcare for study related matters
031-10 69 70
Address: Kaserntorget 11B

Student Safety and Welfare Representative

Student chaplain
Lars van der Heeg
073-030 07 49

Coordinator for students with disabilities
Annelie Karlsson
031 – 772 19 22
Heidi Wåxberg
072-155 64 51

Equality coordinator
Equality matters and sexual harassment issues

Work environment engineers

The student portal also has a great deal of information regarding student welfare.