The student divisions are the local organizations of the student union. Each study programme is connected to a student division and they also work within the areas of education, social welfare and career and business relations.

Each student division is statued in its bylaws.


Arkitekturstuderandesektionen (A)
Teknologsektionen Affärsutveckling och Entreprenörskap (AE)
Datateknologsektionen (D)
Doktorandsektionen (DS) 
Elektroteknologsektionen (E)
Fysikteknologsektionen (F)
Teknologsektionen Globala System (GS)
Ingenjörsteknologsektionen (H)
Teknologsektionen Industriell Ekonomi (I)
Teknologsektionen Informationsteknik (IT)
Kemiteknologsektionen (K)
Teknologsektionen Kemiteknik med fysik och Bioteknik (KfKb)
Maskinteknologsektionen (M)
Sjösektionen (Sjö)
Teknologsektionen Teknisk Design (TD)
V-teknologsektionen samhällsbyggnad (V)
Teknologsektionen för Automation och Mekatronik (Z)

Change the bylaws (Stadgeändring)
How each student division may change its bylaw is regulated within the bylaw itself. However, the bylaws must still follow the student union bylaws. Therefore each change in the student divison's bylaw must be approved by the student union board. Use this template as a guide.
Also include the proposition/motion for the change, the protocols without attachments where the changes were approved as well as a copy of the new bylaw to be uploaded here.

Mall - Beslutsunderlag för stadgeändring

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