The exhibition is open - come give your vote!

Five groups have now submitted their ideas, and they are now on display in the corridor between J.A. Pripps and the student union management corridor! Until the 28th april, everyone can check out the proposals and vote for their favorite ideas. The winning entries will be presented at the reception on April 30 at 12:00.

Come and tell us what you would like to see in our future student union building!


The student union building is too small!

In 2001 we opened our new student union building with a large auditorium, sports hall, conference rooms and a pub. Now we’re about to expand again - but what should we build? Take the opportunity to have your thoughts heard and show us what you want from your future student union building!

Chalmers Student Union is growing steadily and within just a few years we are expected to have to accommodate 15-20% more students on campus. At the same time, we are constantly working to make the union building a place where all students go to find something for them, with the surfaces we have to work with. The union has therefore said that it is time to expand the union building to make it an even better place for meetings and student life.

The first question is of course: what do we need in the building? We hope you can give us an answer to that! Through this competition we want to highlight your ideas, suggestions and dreams for a future student union building. What would make you and your friends visit the union building more often? What do you think is missing in the building today? And how can we ensure that as many students as possible benefit from and enjoy the building?

Grab some friends, find a pen, and give your ideas shape and form - we want to see what YOU want to see in our expanded student union building!

Contest description

The aim of the competition is to collect ideas and wishes on how the student union building could be expanded and what should be included in it. You can present your ideas in any medium - text, poem, hand sketches, watercolor, photomontage, physical models, etc - whatever you like. We want to emphasize that we are looking for ideas and proposals, not finished projects with detailed floor plans, so don’t get hung up on details. The most important thing is for you to communicate your idea to other students!

Your proposals should aim to make the student union building a place where all students feel welcome and can find something which interests them. Think about what is there today, what could be improved and what you and others would like to see in such a building.

All students are welcome to submit contributions, regardless of their education! However, you must be at least two students behind the proposal - you may not work alone on a contribution. Register your group in this form by March 31:st - read more under the section "Important dates".

Contest rules

As a frame for the proposals, there are a few physical constraints to bear in mind:

  • The existing main building must remain. It is permissible to remove the existing restaurant building and associated kitchen, but it is appreciated if they are then redesigned in the proposal.
  • The existing zoning plan does not allow for more floors above the main building. Therefore we suggest that you focus on the volume over the current courtyard at J.A. Pripps, and on top of the restaurant building. It is permissible to propose additional floors, but keep in mind that this cannot be accommodated in the detailed plan! More information about this can be found in the detailed plan and other materials, which can be found under the section "Resources".

The following applies to the submissions themselves:

  • Submissions may not be submitted by an individual student, but must be submitted by a group of at least two students. Register your group in this form by March 31:st.
  • Submissions, regardless of format, should be submitted with the names of the group's participants, a name for the proposal, and a brief explanation or background of no more than 150 words.
  • Printed material should not exceed a total size of 1 A1 (e.g. 4 A3). Please note that this is an upper limit, so don’t stress about filling a big page.

Digital submissions should be sent to, and physical submissions should be delivered to the student union management corridor in the student union building, no later than April 18:th.

Exhibition, voting & winners

All proposals will be exhibited in the student union building where all students will then be able to vote for their favorite proposals. In addition, a jury will rate the proposals and give points to their favorites and through the overall result, a winner will be selected.

The 3-5 best proposals will be included in the next step, when the project goes on to develop a program and sketch proposals for expansion. The groups behind the proposals will get the chance to present and discuss their proposals with the project leaders as well as any involved architects and describe why they think their idea is important to include in a future union building.

Finally, the three best proposals will also be rewarded with 2500 SEK (first place), 1500 SEK (second place) and 1000 SEK (third place).

Important dates

  • Mars 31:st - Deadline registration - register your group in this form
  • April 18:th - Deadline submissions
  • April 19-28:th - Exhibition in the Student union building and voting for the submissions*
  • April 30:th - Presentation of the winners & award ceremony

* The exhibition may extend to after the winners are presented, however without students being able to vote.


About the student union building:


Any questions about the contest can be sent by email to the Premises officer Erik Berg at